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Naturally good for you

Naturally good for you

At Edgard & Cooper we make sure our ingredients are all natural, whole and fresh. Refined and chemical stuff? No, thanks! For example: we don’t add synthetic beta-carotene, but use natural ingredients that contain lots of beta-carotene, like pumpkin or carrot. We make sure every bowl bursts with lots and lots of yummy veggies, fruit, berries and herbs. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll let the ingredients tell you themselves why they are NATURALLY GOOD FOR YOU!


We’re a bunch of little green marbles, fresh from the field and oh so healthy. That figures with all those vitamins, minerals, fibres and slow sugars in our ball-shaped little bodies.


I am good on the eye. Literally. Just like carrots, my orange colour comes from carotene, that helps your puppy’s eyes to develop.


We’re a fresh bomb… a vitamin bomb to be precise :) And that means we’re wildly healthy for your dog.


Fresh green and super slim… Yeah, we green beans are really good-looking. And we’re super healthy for your dog as well. Thanks to all those vitamins and antioxidants in our slender body. 

Green beans

There should be a crown on the crown of my head, because I’m the king of the veggies. I’m absolutely awesome for your dog’s immune system and I’m bursting with antioxidants and iron.


Your dog won’t build muscles from eating a lot of spinach… Nevertheless, we’re very healthy! We’re bursting with iron and overflowing with minerals, fibres and antioxidants.


I am good on the eye. Literally. Just like carrots, my orange colour comes from carotene, that helps your puppy’s eyes to develop.


A crazy green skin, a soft heart and brimming with vitamin C. That’s how I keep your dog’s body in tip-top condition. Truly a veggie to love!



I’m the Thirst Aid Station for your dog. Do you see my rosy complexion? That’s because I’m bursting with vitamin C and fibres. Delicious and oh so healthy!


Bursting with antioxidants I’m the number 1 of super foods. I’m a delicious and healthy snack, dry as well as juicy.


Hmm, I am not just tasty, but also super good for your dog. I’m packed with lauric acid, that deals with bacteria, viruses, moulds and parasites.

Organic Coconut

Take a fresh start with us. We’re full of antioxidants, like vitamin C and copper, that will make your dogs immune system work even better.

Organic pears

I sure look happy with my big yellow smile. Your dogs body will be happy too, as I’m full of antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin C and B6.


I am a tropical boost for your dog! I contain a lot of fibres that support the digestion, but I also contain vitamin A. Therefore, I’m very good for your beloved pets sight.



Wacko tubers? Yeah, that’s what we are. But we’re especially magically delicious and bursting with minerals and vitamins. Enchanting and yum-yum!


We’re from a sunny paradise. And our unprocessed grains are brimming with good things for your dog: antioxidants, minerals and no less than 9 types of vitamin B. Wow!

Whole brown rice

I’m one of the oldest plants in the world and I’m also wildly healthy. My unprocessed grains are bursting with bran and antioxidants.

Whole barley

Hello, I’m millet, a delicious whole grain. I’m full of magnesium, phosphorus and niacin and a long list of natural antioxidants. Oh, and I’m gluten free. Really!

Organic whole millet


We’re tiny seeds with super power! We’re overflowing with omega-3 and that’s tip-top for your dog’s skin and fur.


We are tiny and black, but don’t get fooled by the way we look: we are capable of true greatness! Our omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, proteins and fibres make us real superfoods.

Organic Chia seeds


We’re of noble blood. Through our veins runs bright blue juice which is very healthy for your dog’s heart and blood vessels.


We’re a bunch of tiny red berries and we’re absolutely awesome. The super substances in our red round bodies are exceptionally good for your dog.


They call me cowberry because cows simply love me. And the cows are right: I’m filled to the brim with flavonoids, very powerful antioxidants.


Herbs & flowers

I’m a Provençal herb with a sunny spirit. I keep the kibble fresh for a longer period of time. And thanks to my laid-back nature, your dog is living in clover.


I have heart of gold which makes me a sunny herb. I keep the kibble fresh for a longer period of time. And because of my laid-back nature I have a calming effect.


I’m worth my weight in gold. Because my bright orange petals are full of vitamins, minerals and essential oils.

Marigold blossom flower

I’m somewhat irritable… But I’m especially super healthy! Because my green leaves purify and they burst with vitamin C.


My hair is lush green, my skirts cream white. I have a surprisingly sweet and anise-like flavour. And as a wild girl from the Mediterranean I’m absolutely super for your dog’s intestines.


No hocus-pocus for me, because I’m a lively lady brimming with vitamin C. A classy girl like me - with an anise-like flavour – will definitely charm your dog.


The emperor of herbs? Yeah, sort of… Because I purify the blood, cleanse the liver and kill bad bacteria in the body. I’m a natural antioxidant bursting with vitamins and iron.


I shine like a protective super star. The key to my success? My essential oil of course! It’s absolutely stimulating for digestion.


A very special bush? Absolutely! I’m bursting with substances that can fortify your dog’s stomach. And I’m good for digestion as well.

Lemon balm

My black fruits are as dark as the night, but my leaves are wonderfully green. They contain tons of tannin, an anti-inflammatory substance that’s really good for your dog’s cartilage.

Blackcurrant leaves

I’m a lively lady who’s bursting with essential oils and healthy fats. My pungent aroma is special, but I’m super healthy for your dog’s digestion.


Ingredients with benefits

A liquid miracle? Absolutely! Because I’m bursting with omega-3 and that’s super for a healthy and shiny coat.

Salmon oil

We’re jolly eggs from a chicken that loves to discover the world. Beneath our shell you find a wealth of much-needed stuff.

Eggs from free range chickens

We’re a bunch of lively ladies. Much-needed for the health of your dog. And that’s why we’re so numerous. Together we give your furry a friend an incredible boost.

Minerals and vitamins

We’re a bunch of fibres that can’t be broken down by your dog’s digestive system. And that’s a good thing! Together with our friends – the good bacteria – we keep your dog’s intestines in tip-top condition.

Prebiotics FOS & MOS

Liquid gold? In a way that’s true, because I’m a super oil extracted from linseed. I’m brimming with alpha linolenic acid and other healthy substances.

Linseed oil

I am a true blessing for the brain function in senior dogs.